Zenfolio | Kathy Steinke | 3-D Wall Art

'Serenity' 14"x27.5" Orchid  $225.00'Serenity' close up'serenity' close up side view'Last Stop'  19"x23.5"  $275.00'Last Stop' close up'Last Stop' side view of bas-relief'Flower Pick Up'  18"x22" $225.00'Flower Pick Up' close up view'Flower Pick Up' side view of bas-relief'The Rose'  18"x21"  $225.00'The Rose' close up'Poppy Meadow'  19"x23" $150.00'Poppy Meadow' close up of bas-relief'Mixed Floral'  19"x23"  $275.00'Mixed Floral' close up view'At the Peer'  18"x22"  $325.00'At the Peer' side view of bas-relief'Hanging Out' 18"x22"  $325.00'Hanging Out' side view of bas-relief'Hanging Out'  close up view